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Roger Bemis

Robert Reid
Assistant Principal/Director of Student Affairs

Administrative Team

Taylor Miller, Dean of Admissions
Dr. Kevin Caspersen, Director of Advancement
Kelli Mahan, Assistant Principal/Director of Academic Affairs
Kari Hillin, Guidance Director
Al Rabb, Athletic Director

Ministry Team

Fr. Anthony, Chaplain
Al Rabb, Campus Minister


Faculty and Staff Credentials

Mr. Brian Arendale (
Head Soccer Coach

Mr. J.B. Ashby (
Athletic Trainer
B.A., Texas Lutheran College

Mr. Jim A. Ashcraft (
M.S., B.S. Lamar University

Mr. Roy Bares (
B.S., Ed. Lamar University

Mr. Roger Bemis (
B.M.Ed., University of Miami, Fl.
M.M.Ed. Texas Tech University

Mr. Herman Blanchard (
Director of Maintenance

Sr. Emily Bordages (
B.A., Dominican College
M. Ed., Lamar University

Mrs. Maria Brannon (
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN)

Mrs. Alisa Broussard (

Mrs. Judy Broussard (
Accounting Assistant
A.A., Teche Area Vocational Technical School

Ms. Jennifer Burkes (

Mrs. Jan Ford-Butler (
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Kevin Caspersen (
Director of Advancement

Mrs. Alice Cauley (

Mr. Tyler Cobb (
Tennis Coach
B.S., Lamar University

Mrs. Catherine Cook (
B.S., Ed.  University of Georgia

Ms. Julianna Davila (
English and Spanish
B.A., University of Georgia

Mrs. Eva Delgado (

Mrs. Marita Duesler (
Speech,  Government & Debate Coach
B.S., Lamar University
M.A., Baylor University

Mrs. Maryann DeMayo (
English & Culinary Arts
B.A., Hofstra University

Mrs. Nina Felix (
B.S., Lamar University

Mrs. Teresa Gould (
B.A., University of Houston, Clear Lake

Mr. Grant Hare (
Technology Director
Microsoft Certified Professional
M.I.S., University of Phoenix

Mrs. Gina Harris
B.A., Lamar University

Mrs. Kari Hillin (
Guidance Director
B.S., M.Ed., Lamar University

Mr. Aaron Kelley (
Math & Computer Science
B.S., Lamar University
M.PPA, Baylor University

Ms. Jameslon Knowles

Head Girls Basketball Coach
B.S., Lamar University
M.S., Lamar University

 Mr. James Knowles (
Head Basketball Coach, Football Def. Coordinator, & Health
B.S., East Texas State University

Mrs. Darla Lindsay Lawless (
Choral Music, Piano, Music Appreciation, English, Drama
B.S. Ed., Baylor University
M. M. Ed., Lamar University

Mrs. Suzanne Lewis (
Social Studies
B.A., Lamar University

Mrs. Rene Lee (
Social Studies
B.A., Lamar University

Miss. Erin Lovelady(
Girl's Athletic Director
Head Volleyball and Softball Coach

Mrs. Kelli Mahan (
Assistant Principal/Director of Academic Affairs
B.S., Louisiana State University
M.Ed., Lamar University

Ms. Taylor Miller (
Dean of Admissions

Mrs. Jerrilynn Miller (
Freshman English

Mr. Michael McAleer (
World Geography

Mrs. Debra McMillian (
B.S., Ed. Lamar University

Mrs. Ann Melo  (
Business Manager
B.B.A., Lamar University

Mrs. Debbie Minyard (
AP/Director of Student Affairs
B.S., Lamar University

Mr. Luke Minyard (
Alumni Development

Mr. Jimmy Neale
Head Baseball
Lamar University, B.A., MIS/General Business

Fr. Anthony Paulose (

Mrs. Deborah Kea Prihoda (
Co-Director and Conductor, MKCHS Choral Department; English, Guitar
B.S. Ed., University of Texas

Mr. Al Rabb (
Athletic Director, Campus Minister & Head Football Coach
B.S., Ed. Lamar University

Mrs. Cathy Radford (
Computer, Environmental Science, Webmaster, and Journalism
B.S., Lamar University

Mrs. Florence Redmond (
Senior English

Mr. Robert Reid (
Assistant Principal/Director of Student Affairs
B.S. Ed. Southwest Texas State University
M. Ed. Admin., Lamar University

Mr. Loren Rice (
B.S., Ed. Stephen F. Austin State University
M.Ed. Admin., Lamar University

Mrs. Mikki Sciba (
Religion & Careers

Mrs. Carole Stevens (
B.S., Texas A&M University

Mrs. Kathy Valdez (

Mrs. Lori Verde(
B.B.A., Texas A&M

Mrs. April Vernon (
Chemistry I, Physics I and Dance
M.E., B.S., Lamar University

Mr. Ron White (
Band Director
B.M., Southern Methodist University
M.M., Northwestern University

Mrs. Sallianne Williams (
Religion & Personal Finance
 B. B. A., Lamar University

Mrs. Brandi Wulf (
 B.S., Lamar University
M.Ed., Lamar University

Ms. Casey Yoder (
B.S.E.C.E., Baylor University


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